White Mountain Biodiesel, LLC Principals


White Mountain Biodiesel Principals

Wayne Presby is one of two managing members of White Mountain Biodiesel, LLC. He is from Littleton, N.H and is 51 years of age. Wayne is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of New Hampshire. Mr. Presby is one of the owners of the Mount Washington Railway Company and is currently employed as the President of the company. He has held various positions with the company for 26 years. The Mount Washington Railway Company is a diversified company that operates the oldest mountain climbing railway in the world. The company also designs and builds many of the components used in the railway operation including its locomotives and passenger coaches. The railway employs mechanical engineers, fabricators, machinists and certified welders as well as many mechanics.

For much of his business career Mr. Presby owned and operated the Mount Washington Hotel and Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Through a series of acquisitions over a period of 15 years the Mount Washington Hotel and Resort became the largest resort operation in the State of New Hampshire, with over $36,000,000 in annual revenues. In 2006 the resort was sold to CNL Income Fund and Celebration Associates.

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Robert Kuhsel is a managing member of White Mountain Biodiesel, LLC. He is from Easton, Connecticut and is 50 years of age. robert kuhsel For the past 15 years he has been in the teaching profession. He recently was employed at the Amity Region 5 School System in Connecticut as the Applied Education Department Chair and oversees the business, family consumer science and technology education departments. Mr. Kuhsel holds a master in Education from Sacred Heart University.

Prior to his involvement in the teaching profession, Mr. Kuhsel owned and operated New England Provisions, a meat distribution business in the State of Connecticut. Mr. Kuhsel also owned and operated Oakledge Builders, a construction company involved in home and building construction. Mr. Kuhsel has significant experience in all of the building trades. He is a licensed pilot and has had significant experience in sales, marketing and business management, as well as significant mechanical and automotive skills.

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Bruce Lamarre is a member of White Mountain Biodiesel, LLC and a licensed chemical engineer. bruce lamarreHe designed the company's biodiesel processes and has overseen the plant construction. He is currently acting as the company's plant manager. Mr. Lamarre holds a masters degree in chemical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has had significant experience in the design of various chemical processes for several different industries. He founded, owned and operated North East Environmental Products, Inc., a company which developed and patented various pieces of equipment used in the remediation of wastes in soil and groundwater. Prior to this accomplishment, Mr. Lamarre held positions at Monsanto Plastic and Resins and Union Carbide.